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Fiber Tour of Scotland/Shetland 2023


Highlights of the trip:  Meet Lucy Hague, Di Gilpin, Hazel Tindall, Donna Smith, Ella Gordon, Marion Foster and many more. Tour Shetland, visit a sheep farm, learn about Scottish kilts, visit the Shetland Textile Museum (and other museums).  The tour is packed with interesting stops and people to meet, all centered on the knitting/fiber industry.  Still have questions?  Please send a note and we'll be happy to help you!


We'll depart for Scotland on April 27, 2023  (if traveling from the US)

West Coast, Ireland

Our detailed itinerary is here.  Registration form is available here.

Cost of the trip is $5175 -
  Includes - accommodations for 10 nights
                      Entrance fees
                      Transportation (mainland and Shetland)
                      Air fare to/from Shetland

                       Welcome/Farewell dinners, assorted other meals

                        Tips for drivers mainland and Shetland


   Not included - airfare to/from Scotland, personal purchases


Zwartbles Farm
Dublin Doors
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