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"In a ball of yarn is the potential to make a dream that you have come true."  Melanie Falick


And we're looking forward to new opportunities to share a love of knitting, learning, travel, and community!

Here are some of the activities we have planned...


 September 2024...

St Patricks CathedralDublinO_edited.jpg

Ireland is like no other place - and for Knitters and Fiber  Enthusiasts of all types it's...a dream come true!

...A Fiber Tour of Ireland

Our highlight for 2024 will be a 10-day journey through Ireland with an itinerary that makes it a "can't miss" adventure.  This tour will include some our favorite stops from previous tours, plus some new surprises!  Details and registration information are  now available!


Sail and Knit 2024
June 19-23


2024 Retreats

Spring and Fall Retreats (April & November)

July and August Workshops -

July - Stranded Knitting

August - Natural Dyeing with Lisa Check of Flying Goat Farm

Details and Registration coming soon!

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