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About Sawmill Creek

The idea for Sawmill Creek Fiber Events came when the prospect of "retirement" after nearly 7 years as a local yarn shop owner seemed...well, too boring!

Mary thought that combining a love of knitting and all things "fiber" with social activities seemed like a natural.  And when she imagined the additional opportunity to continue teaching knitting skills while enjoying the community of Fiber Enthusiasts, Sawmill Creek came together almost seamlessly.

Now we are engaged in our seventh year of events and looking forward to next year's Maine Knitting and Sailing and a Fiber Tour of Ireland.  And as the year goes on, we look forward to hearing from you about what you'd like to do, too!

You can follow us on FaceBook or Instagram, keep up-to-date on our Ravelry forum or check back here for all the latest information.  We hope to see you in 2023!

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