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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How many people can attend a retreat at Blue Mountain Retreat Center

   The Center has 7 bedrooms - we normally have 2 guests per room, with one single room available.  Most room have 3 or 4 beds, so upon request, we can accommodate a group of 3 for one room.  So, retreats normally have 14-16 participants (but never more than 16).

2.  How many bathrooms - will I have to share?

   The Center has 3 and 1/2 bathrooms;  one bathroom is in a bedroom on the main floor and is shared by 3 people, and there is another full bath on the main floor.  The downstairs floor has one and a half baths.  

3.  Where can I find out more about sailing trips?  Will I have a luxury stateroom with a private bath?


   Think about sailing as "camping on the water"!  Our sailing trips take place on a windjammer without electricity, where all the food is prepared on a wood stove in the galley.  It's an adventure for the bold - and we have many repeat guests who will confirm that.  You can read all about it here -  and if you still have questions, please send a note.

4.  I'm interested in a trip to Scotland or Ireland.  How is that arranged?

  Our trips are put together in collaboration with Celtic Journeys, a small travel company based in Minnesota.  Celtic Journeys handles all accommodation, transportation and logistics of the trips, and Sawmill Creek Fiber Events works with them to devise the itinerary and make decisions about where we go and what we do.  Our trip advisor, Jean Wynne, is an expert in her field and can answer just about any question about travel you can put to her!

5.  I'm fully vaccinated, but Covid-19 is still everywhere.  What is your Covid policy, and will I be safe?


  We require every participant for all of our events to be fully vaccinated.  That said, there is no guarantee that by being vaccinated you will not contract the virus.  As appropriate, we follow all local, state and federal guidelines to keep everyone safe, and we advise anyone who is immune compromised or who has an underlying health condition that may make you more susceptible to the virus to postpone your participation until conditions are more favorable.  We are also instituting a requirement for a negative Covid test 2 days prior to retreats, to add one additional layer of protection.  All that said, however, we know it is not realistic to "guarantee" that no one will fall ill.  Despite all our best efforts, it is possible that guests could become sick.  For this reason, we ask that you understand that we are doing our best, but evaluate your own situation and decide to participate only if you are comfortable with being in a group (however small) situation for several days.



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