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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How many people can attend a retreat at Blue Mountain Retreat Center

   The Center has 7 bedrooms - we normally have 2 guests per room, with one single room available.  Most room have 3 or 4 beds, so upon request, we can accommodate a group of 3 for one room.  So, retreats normally have 14-16 participants (but never more than 16).

2.  I signed up for a Retreat but tested positive for Covid just a few days before - will I get a refund? 

     We are so sorry to hear you are ill - and so happy that you discovered it and will be staying home so as not to pass it on!  Yes, there is some reward for making the right decision but please understand that some of our costs are fixed/pre-paid/non-refundable and some are not.  For this reason, our policy is that you will receive a full refund (minus the PayPal fees) if a replacement for you can be found in time for the retreat.  If it's too late, and no one can step in for you, you will receive a credit for 60% of your total payment to be applied to any other retreat (with available space).  


3.  How many bathrooms - will I have to share?

   The Center has 3 and 1/2 bathrooms;  one bathroom is in a bedroom on the main floor and is shared by 3 people, and there is another full bath on the main floor.  The downstairs floor has one and a half baths.  

4.  Where can I find out more about sailing trips?  Will I have a luxury stateroom with a private bath?


   Think about sailing as "camping on the water"!  Our sailing trips take place on a windjammer without electricity, where all the food is prepared on a wood stove in the galley.  It's an adventure for the bold - and we have many repeat guests who will confirm that.  You can read all about it here -  and if you still have questions, please send a note.

5.  I'm interested in a trip to Scotland or Ireland.  How is that arranged?

  Our trips are put together in collaboration with Celtic Journeys, a small travel company based in Minnesota.  Celtic Journeys handles all accommodation, transportation and logistics of the trips, and Sawmill Creek Fiber Events works with them to devise the itinerary and make decisions about where we go and what we do.  Our trip advisor, Jean Wynne, is an expert in her field and can answer just about any question about travel you can put to her!

6.  I signed up for a trip/retreat/event and I'm not getting your emails with important information.  What's wrong?

Please check your junk or spam folder, and adjust your settings if needed.  This is a common problem, with an easy fix.  If you are traveling with someone else and they tell you they've received a message, check your folders first, and then let me know if I need to resend.  Thanks!

7.  I'm fully vaccinated, but Covid-19 is still everywhere.  What is your Covid policy, and will I be safe?


  We are constantly updating our Covid-19 policy to adapt to the changing environment.  Regrettably, we understand that the virus is most likely here to stay, but as we are engaged in organzing group events - both here and abroad - we have some special considerations. 

If you are already vaccinated, please remember that this is no guarantee that you will not become infected.  However, vaccinated (and appropriately boosted) individuals have a much better chance of not being hospitalized or dying than the unvaccinated.   Falling ill, away from home or in a different country, can be a serious, frightening and expensive experience.  And if that illness becomes life-threatening, it can be even more complicated, requiring expertise beyond the scope of our resources.  So, for the foreseeable future we are asking that all our guests be fully vaccinated, both to protect yourself and to protect the other members of your group.  We also strongly advise that all guests consider purchasing Travel Insurance for overseas trips.  And because we know that "stuff happens", please be assured that if illness prevents you from attending an event at the last minute, we will work with you to reschedule your participation to the best of our ability. 

Thanks for understanding and complying.



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